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The Complete guide to ZIVA Dynamics


The Complete guide to ZIVA Dynamics course. Ziva Dynamics plugin is a plugin that has been used in many Hollywood and Marvel movies such as: Venom, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Godzilla, Jumanji. Ziva has recently been adapted into games like “Hellblade 2 Senua’s Saga” and will be used more after being bought by Unity3D. Ziva’s pipeline can be daunting because everything in it is interconnected, from modeling to animation. I put together this course for my students to clear up all the confusion about the Ziva pipeline in a well-structured random course that starts with a character in a scene and ends up with a final shot. The course is divided into several chapters, most lectures are less than 12 minutes long (the longest lecture is 15 minutes) to make it easier for students to follow and return to a particular topic at any time if needed. Students begin the course with the necessary knowledge of character preparation for the Ziva plug-in

What you will learn in The Complete guide to ZIVA Dynamics course

  • Biped skeleton modeling
  • Muscle modeling
  • mockup
  • Ziva’s muscles
  • Ziva’s mirror work
  • Shot sculpting for good optimization
  • Ziva fascia simulation
  • And …

This course is suitable for people who

  • This course is for Riggers / Technical Artists who want to take their technical and rigging skills to the next level and make them a stronger job candidate by creating a great shot! By the end of this course, students will be able to produce high quality fake characters/creatures ready for animation and simulation.

Course specifications The Complete guide to ZIVA Dynamics

Course topics on 8/2023

Prerequisites of the course The Complete guide to ZIVA Dynamics

  • Familiar with rigging under Maya

Course images

The complete guide to ZIVA Dynamics

Sample video of the course

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