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Profit with JavaScript


Profit with JavaScript project-based language training course Java Script along with related libraries and technologies. This course is specifically designed for people who want to earn money through the development and programming of web-based applications. In addition, this course is designed for beginners and teaches you all the necessary skills to build practical web applications and complete various web development projects. In this course, you will learn about the JavaScript language, its various libraries and frameworks. Even if you are a web developer, the tricks, strategies and tips of this tutorial are very useful to find a way to earn high income from your skills and knowledge.

Among the technologies covered in this course are libraries React and Redux, Express framework and Next.js, MongoDB database and Node.js execution environment. Among the applications that you make during this period, as a similar version of big applications, you can mention the similar version of Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Zoom, Airbnb, Spotify, Slack, and of course, Twitter and Google Maps. 2 real big projects, 5 mini projects and 8 suitable projects to be presented as work examples are also included in this course. Also, in addition to the training videos, 15 training videos have been included in this course, which are specifically designed to practice programming skills in JS language. Git and GitHub, data visualization and Visual Studio Code software are among the other topics of this course.

What do you learn:

  • Development and programming of web-based applications with JavaScript and its libraries
  • Familiarity with various technologies such as React, Redux, Express, Next.js, MongoDB and Node.js
  • Completed more than 10 different web development projects
  • Building various web applications, including applications similar to Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, Google Maps, etc
  • Learn advanced JavaScript topics
  • And …

Specifications of Profit with JavaScript:

  • Publisher: Clever Programmer
  • Lecturer: Rafeh Qazi
  • English language
  • Number of lessons: 205 lessons + 18 videos Clone with ReactJS
  • Duration: more than 60 hours + 77 hours Clone with ReactJS
  • Suggested time to learn: 10 to 20 hours a week to master programming

Profit with JavaScript chapters

Module 1: Your JavaScript Developer Roadmap to Freedom
Difficulty Level: Easy
Number of Hours: 2 Hours

What is your current income & source of income?
How much do you currently work?
What kind of lifestyle do you want?
What kind of income do you want to make?
How many hours do you want to work?
What is your work ethic like?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
Should you freelance, do full time, or both?
How do I get the maximum ROI from JavaScript and this course?

Module 2: JavaScript Crash Course
Difficulty Level: Easy
Number of Hours: 2 Hours

Where do you write your JavaScript code
Primitive data types (Integers, Booleans, etc.)
If/else statements
Logical Operators
For Loops & While Loops
Functions & Methods
What is Scope
Arrays (Lists)

Module 3: Deep Problem Solving with JavaScript
Difficulty Level: Medium
Number of Hours: 2 Hours

Module 4: DOM-inate with JavaScript
Difficulty Level: Medium
Number of Hours: 2 Hours

How to manipulate the DOM with JavaScript
Document Object Model (DOM) & Accessing Their Elements
Browser Object Model (BOM)
What are Nodes and Elements? + Common Misconceptions
Event Listeners (Handling Interactability)
Changing CSS with Pure JavaScript
Add, remove, and toggle classes

Module 5: Ultimate Environment for JavaScript Developers
Difficulty Level: Medium
Number of Hours: 2 Hours

Google Inspect Tool (like a boss)
ZSH Terminal
Spectacle (Best window management)
Visual Studio Code (How to set it up like a modern web developer)
VIM (Yes, it’s difficult, but a total game-changer)
Stack Overflow

Module 6: Advanced Modern JavaScript
Difficulty Level: Hard
Number of Hours: 2 Hours

Asynchronous applications & Awaiting
Reading, Writing, and Handling JSON data
Integrating APIs to your apps
Design Patterns (follow these when solving problems)
ES6+ Industry Standards
How to Build Scalable Web Applications with Es6+
Callbacks & Functional Programming
Pass by value & Pass by reference
IFFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)

Module 7: Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript
Difficulty Level: Medium
Number of Hours: 2 Hours

Classes (ES6+)
Objects and Creating Models
Class Variables / Global Variables
Prototype & Deep Dive Prototype
Class Inheritance
Prototypal Inheritance (Learning composition)

Module 8: Let’s Build Mini-Projects with JavaScript
Difficulty Level: Easy
Number of Hours: 3 Hours

Mini-Project 1:
Your Age In Days Calculator
We’ll build a simple GUI app that will calculate your age in days.

Mini-Project 2:
Random Cat Generator
We’ll build an app that randomly generates cats in a uniform grid using CSS FlexBox and JavaScript

Mini-Project 3:
Rock Paper Scissors
We’ll build a beautiful Rock Paper Scissors app from scratch using Vanilla JavaScript

Module 9: Project: Build a Blackjack App with JavaScript
Difficulty Level: Hard
Number of Hours: 4 Hours

Module 10: Project: Build a Twitter Clone App with JavaScript
Difficulty Level: Medium
Number of Hours: 3 Hours

how to make scalable web applications, using the advanced techniques we learned in previous modules:
Classes & Objects

Module 11: Project: Build a Real-World Google Maps Project That’s Worth $5,700 on Upwork
Difficulty Level: Hard
Number of Hours: 3 Hours

How to read external APIs into our own applications
Google Maps / JavaScript API

Module 12: Project: Build a Google Chrome Extension & Deploy to Chrome Web Store with JavaScript
Difficulty Level: Hard
Number of Hours: 3 Hours

Core fundamentals of Chrome extension development
How to make Chrome browser extensions
How to publish your Chrome extension to the Chrome Web Store
How to get through finishing a freelance project
Object Oriented Programming
How to test Chrome Extensions
Learn to integrate JS app into a Chrome extension
Firebase Database API to store user data
How to Solve Problems

Module 13: Data Science Visualization with JavaScript
Difficulty Level: Hard
Number of Hours: 2 Hours

D3.js JavaScript Library
Data manipulation
Analyze & visualize large data sets to solve real world problems
Classes and Objects
Advanced JavaScript Techniques
How to use public data set APIs
Problem Solving

Module 14: Project: A Modern Portfolio for a Modern JavaScript Developer
Difficulty Level: Medium
Number of Hours: 2 Hours

Learn how to design a professional portfolio website
Learn to stand out professionally
Create a winning website from scratch using JavaScript
Allow clients to see who you are
Market your skills to potential job opportunities
Showcase your skills and projects
Learn how to deploy your website to make it live

Module 15: How to Make an Income & Profit with JavaScript as a Modern Web Developer
Difficulty Level: Hard
Number of Hours: 3 Hours

How to create a resume that gets you the interview
How to prepare for your interview
How to land Junior Dev positions
How you can get an interview at Google, Twitter, Khan Academy, & other big companies
Where to find clients
How to qualify clients
How to create a professional proposal that stands out
How to properly price your clients’ projects
The most profitable way to price your project
Manage your clients, keep them happy, and get paid on time
How to retrieve the scope of the project from your client
How to freelance as a web developer. From no money to potentially making 6-figures, all on your own time.

Module 16: Netflix Clone with ReactJS (3h 22m)

Module 17: AirBnB Clone with ReactJS (3h 18m)

Module 18: Zoom Clone with ReactJS (React Native & NodeJS – Firebase – SocketIO) (5h 8m)

Module 19: Facebook Clone with ReactJS (3h 57m)

Module 20: Slack Clone with ReactJS (Realtime chat app using Firebase) (4h 6m)

Module 21: Spotify Clone with ReactJS (4h 17m)

Module 22: WhatsApp Clone with ReactJS (3h 39m)

Module 23: Amazon Clone with ReactJS (Full-Stack E-Comm Store) (8h 43m)

Module 24: TikTok Clone with ReactJS (2h 56m)

Module 25: Instagram Clone with ReactJS (3h 42m)

Module 26: Disney+ Clone with ReactJS (Firebase + Styled Components + Redux) (4h 41m)

Module 27: Clubhouse Clone with ReactJS (& Styled Components) (5h)

Module 28: LinkedIn Clone with ReactJS (Firebase + Styled Components + Redux) (7h 7m)

Module 29: Twitter Clone with ReactJS (3h 41m)

Module 30: Tesla Clone with ReactJS (Redux + Styled Components) (2h 15m)

Module 31: Tinder Clone with ReactJS (3h 52m)

Module 32: YouTube Clone with ReactJS (3h 43m)

Module 33: Google Clone with ReactJS (3h 25m)


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Clone with ReactJS

Module 16 – Netflix Clone with ReactJS

Module 17 – Airbnb Clone with ReactJS

Module 18 – Zoom Clone with ReactJS

Module 19 – Facebook Clone with ReactJS

Module 20 – Slack Clone with ReactJS

Module 21 – Spotify Clone with ReactJS

Module 22 – WhatsApp Clone with ReactJS

Module 23 – Amazon Clone with ReactJS

Module 24 – TikTok Clone with ReactJS

Module 25 – Instagram Clone with ReactJS

Module 26 – Disney+ Clone with ReactJS

Module 27 – Clubhouse Clone with ReactJS

Module 28 – LinkedIn Clone with ReactJS

Module 29 – Twitter Clone with ReactJS

Module 30 – Tesla Clone with ReactJS

Module 31 – Tinder Clone with ReactJS

Module 32 – YouTube Clone with ReactJS

Module 33 – Google Clone with ReactJS

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