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Real-time Chat Messenger


Real-time Chat Messenger is a project-based training course on programming and building a messenger application with Python, JavaScript and Django framework, published by Udemy Academy. During this course, you will use the advanced capabilities of the Django framework, such as channels and web sockets, and develop a professional yet light messaging application. This training course has no specific prerequisites and almost all beginner programmers and developers can equally benefit from the contents of this course. Before starting the course, it is suggested that you strengthen your background knowledge in the fields of Python, HTML, and CSS so that you don’t face any problems during the training process of the course.

What you will learn in the Real-time Chat Messenger training course:

  • The basics of JavaScript
  • Crop and cut images using Python and JavaScript
  • Basics of html and css
  • WebSockets
  • Creating a multidimensional connection with the server through JavaScript
  • Opening and closing different sockets dynamically on a specific page of the application
  • Asynchronous loading of images in JavaScript
  • Implementation of authentication system and user access level management in Django framework
  • Implementation of various functions such as exiting the application and forgetting the password
  • Search for other users and users present in the application
  • Sending friend requests and lists of users and friends
  • Building a professional public chat room
  • Buying a host and domain and installing and final configuration of the application on these hosts
  • Send requests and private messages
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: CodingWithMitch
teacher: Mitch Tabian
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 79
Training duration: 24 hours

Course headings

Part 1: Project Setup

Part 2 – User Management

Part 3: Friend System

Part 4: Public Chat

Part 5: Private Chat

Part 6: Notifications

Part 7: Push to Production

Push to production

Real-time Chat Messenger course prerequisites

This is meant to be almost a beginner course. I expect you to have some knowledge of web development (html & css) and python. But if you know absolutely nothing you should still be able to keep up. I do everything on camera so you can just follow along and you should be fine. If you have issues I recommend becoming a member so you can join the community discord channel and ask questions.

Course images

Real-time Chat Messenger course introduction video

Installation guide

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download link

Download part 1 – 2 GB

Download part 2 – 2 GB

Download part 3 – 2 GB

Download part 4 – 2 GB

Download part 5 – 2 GB

Download part 6 – 282 MB

Password file(s):


10.28 GB

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