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COMPLETE Creative Writing - All Genres - THE FULL COURSE!


COMPLETE Creative Writing – All Genres – THE FULL COURSE! It is a creative writing course published by Yodemy Online Academy. This training course is a creative and fun course that will make you able to create works of writing such as poetry and drama. Creative writing is a form of expression that involves the imaginative and artistic construction of language to convey a story, idea, or feeling. It allows writers to explore and experiment with language, style, and narrative to create original works. Creative writing is a diverse and dynamic field that allows writers to explore their thoughts, feelings, and observations through the written word. It enhances a sense of individuality and self-expression and contributes to the rich palette of literature and storytelling. This course covers writing techniques, literary tools, and specialized skills that will help you write.

In this training course, there are different types of tests that make you use what you have learned in the theory videos. Your main progress will be in the authentic writing assignments you will complete as you progress towards your goal of becoming a successful and confident writer. During this training course, you will learn about topics such as getting to know the four genres of creative writing, writing techniques for success, the relationship between writing concepts, evaluating project strengths and weaknesses, scaffolding examples, and publishing platforms. After completing this training course, you will find high knowledge and skills in writing and creative writing, and you will get to know different writing styles.

What is in the COMPLETE Creative Writing training course – All Genres – THE FULL COURSE! You will learn:

  • Writing in four genres of creative writing
  • Writing techniques, literary tools and specialized skills
  • Familiarity with publishing platforms
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the project
  • Communication between written concepts
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Trace Crawford
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 162
Training duration: 12 hours and 4 minutes

Course headings

Course prerequisites

Just a willingness to write!

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COMPLETE Creative Writing - All Genres - THE FULL COURSE!

The video introducing the COMPLETE Creative Writing course – All Genres – THE FULL COURSE!

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