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Analytic Combinatorics


Analytic Combinatorics is an Analytic Combinatorics course offered by the University Online Coursera It has been published.

Analytical compositions teaches arithmetic that enables accurate quantitative prediction of large compositional structures. This course introduces the symbolic method for deriving functional relations between normal, exponential, and multivariate generating functions and methods in complex analysis for deriving exact asymptotes from GF equations.

Our first lecture is about the symbolic method, where we define composite structures that we can use to define classes of composite objects. The structures are integrated with transfer theorems that lead to equations that define generating functions whose coefficients enumerate the classes. We consider several examples of classical combinations.

All facilities of this course are available for free. After completion, it does not provide a certificate.

What you will learn in Analytic Combinatorics course:

  • Hybrid structures and OGFs
  • Labeled constructs and EGFs
  • Combined parameters and MGFs
  • Complex, logical asymptotic and meromorphic analysis
  • Logical and meromorphic asymptotic applications
  • Singularity analysis
  • Applications of singularity analysis
  • Saddle point asymptote

Course details

  • Publisher: Coursera
  • English language
  • Duration: 17 hours
  • Number of training weeks: 8
  • Lecturer: Robert Sedgewick
  • File format: mp4
  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Providing institution/university: Princeton University

Course headings

Week 1

Combinatorial Structures and OGFs

Week 2

Labeled Structures and EGFs

Week 3

Combinatorial Parameters and MGFs

Week 4

Complex Analysis, Rational and Meromorphic Asymptotics

Week 5

Applications of Rational and Meromorphic Asymptotics

Week 6

Singularity Analysis

Week 7

Applications of Singularity Analysis

Week 8

Saddle Point Asymptotics

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