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Business English for Non-Native Speakers Specialization


Business English for Non-Native Speakers Specialization is a five-part educational series focusing on specialized English in the field of business and commerce, published by Coursera Academy. English language is a basic and very important skill for business owners and international traders. This training series is prepared for those people whose English is not their first language. In the big and growing world of business, communication skills play a very important role and are the key to advanced social and work relationships and networking. The skills and topics taught in this educational series will be used in various situations such as the workplace, intercultural understanding, case study and analysis of business-related professorships, etc., and will increase your work potential.

General and specialized business vocabulary, improving reading skills, understanding the audience’s tone of voice, different communication methods, different strategies for communicating with different people, understanding intercultural differences, etc. are among the most important topics that will be covered in the first course. The second course focuses on writing skills and includes valuable topics such as the use of complex grammatical structures, different styles of writing letters in the field of business, studying and making resumes, etc. The third and fourth courses will focus on speaking skills and intercultural understanding, respectively, and will introduce you to the culture and work charter of other countries and different ethnic groups. In the last course, you will face a set of questions and targeted exercises that will challenge the skills learned in the previous 4 courses. Making a business report and presenting a half-hour video file is one of the most important tasks of the student in the last part.

What you will learn in the Business English for Non-Native Speakers Specialization course:

  • Improving the communication skills of business owners to participate in international meetings and present proposals and business plans
  • Participating in various business events and meetings and communicating with the meeting attendees
  • Negotiation techniques and supporting logical arguments
  • Understanding the impact of tone and different communication styles in the meeting process
  • Analyzing the audience and customers and providing the best offers
  • Analyzing and summarizing sales data
  • Writing formal and informal letters and writing work emails
  • Writing an executive summary for a business plan
  • Presenting convincing and logical texts and arguments in English
  • Choosing the appropriate tone and context based on the conditions of the audience and work goals
  • Participate in job interviews
  • Identifying cross-cultural problems and barriers and common misunderstandings between different business groups
  • Practical strategies for overcoming intercultural and interethnic barriers

Course details

Publisher: Coursera
Lecturer: Kin Tang and Delian Gaskell
English language
Presenting Institution/University: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 5
Duration of training: assuming 4 hours of work per week, about 8 months

The courses available in the Business English for Non-Native Speakers Specialization collection

Course 1

Business English: Basics

Course 2

English for Effective Business Writing

Course 3

English for Effective Business Speaking

Course 4

Business English for Cross-cultural Communication

Course 5

Business Case Analysis

Course prerequisites

A min of IELTS 5.5 and a max of IELTS 7.0 is recommended. See IELTS Band Scale for more info. Or, a min of 46-59 and a max of 102-109 TOEFL Score is recommended. See TOEFL Score Scale for more info.

Course images

Business English for Non-Native Speakers Specialization video

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This collection includes 5 different courses.

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Business English: Basics

Download the course – 335 MB

English for Effective Business Writing

Download the course – 432 MB

English for Effective Business Speaking

Download the course – 449 MB

Business English for Cross-cultural Communication

Download the course – 422 MB

Business Case Analysis

Download the course – 352 MB

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