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Connected Leadership


Connected Leadership, a management and leadership training course published by Coursera Academy. This course is designed to maximize your ability to effect change at the individual, team and system levels. Through study, reflection, and application of practical tools, you will establish a strong connection between clear purpose, effective priorities, visualized potential for success, and a path to maximize progress. But what does this mean in practice? Improve your ability to get the most out of life: Learn a simple exercise to think about your purpose, clarify your priorities, visualize your potential, and maximize your effectiveness in progressing toward your goals. Hone your leadership skills: develop your own unique leadership style and join or create a community to maximize your potential as a team. Creating Change Through Systems Thinking: Become a more effective agent of positive change and understand the power and complexity of systems thinking.

What you will learn

  • Improve your ability to get the most out of life
  • Strengthen your leadership skills
  • Practice and apply systems thinking to plan for change

Details of the Connected Leadership course

  • Publisher: Coursera
  • teacher : Peter Boyd
  • English language
  • Education level: introductory
  • Number of courses: 5
  • Duration of training: 3 weeks including 10 hours of work per week

Chapters of the Connected Leadership course

Course prerequisites

  • This course is designed for curious learners of all backgrounds and levels of experience.


Connected Leadership

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