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Innovation Management


Innovation Management is a creativity and innovation management training course published by Coursera Online University. Innovation and creativity management is one of the most important topics and sub-fields raised in management and leadership fields. By introducing these topics to different organizations, companies and their officials will be able to benefit from new business models and offer new products and services to their regular customers. This training course will take 9 weeks of your time, and during the training process, there are many sub-headings such as creating new ideas and generating ideas, selecting and evaluating different ideas, formulating ideas and converting ideas into several instructions. It will be applicable and determine the strategy for implementing different ideas.

Creating a creative and innovative way of thinking and the ability to transform ideas into final products and services are among the prerequisites of this training course that you must develop in yourself.

What you will learn in the Innovation Management training course:

  • Social Networks
  • Management
  • leadership
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Innovation and creativity management
  • Terminology and different concepts of creativity and innovation management
  • Defining creativity in different approaches and ways of employing and calling creative people
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Coursera
Lecturer: Jasmien Khattab, Dirk Deichmann, Daan Stam, Sandra Langeveld, Helge Klapper, Poornika Ananth, Murat Tarakci, Stefano Tasselli and Birgul Arslan
English language
Provider institution/university: Erasmus University Rotterdam
Education level: introductory
Number of weeks: 6
Training duration: about 11 hours

Headlines of the Innovation Management training course

Week 1


Week 2

Innovation Strategy

Week 3


Week 4

Idea Selection

Week 5

Implementation of Innovation

Week 6

People and Organization

Course prerequisites

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Innovation Management course introduction video

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