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Market Research Specialization


Market Research Specialization is a market study training series published by Coursera Online University. During the process of this educational series, you will get familiar with a set of techniques and approaches for collecting and analyzing market data and expand your skills. With the help of these approaches, you will be able to get to know your customers and their moods and characteristics in a more professional way and provide better products and services. “Storytelling through data” or in other words “finding and discovering stories among data” is one of the latest trends in market studies. This training course does not have any special prerequisite knowledge and skills, and all people with any level of knowledge in the field of marketing and gathering market information can benefit from this course.

Among the most important skills learned in this training series is the creation of a research and research project based on the needs and prerequisites of different businesses, the final implementation of the research process through information sets and different modes. The management of various researchers and researchers and… pointed out.

What you will learn in the Market Research Specialization training series:

  • Providing a complete and professional research and research program or proposal
  • Analyzing the data collected from the target communities and receiving the final report
  • Qualitative research and study of different markets
  • Designing a practical and valuable questionnaire
  • Identification of the target population for the final submission of questionnaires and surveys
  • Qualitative research and quantitative research
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Coursera
Instructor: Jim Fong, Susan Berman, Olivier Rubel, Robin Boyar and Ashwin Aravindakshan
English language
Providing institution/university: University of California, Davis
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 4
Duration of training: assuming 4 hours of work per week, about 4 months

Courses available in the Market Research Specialization series

Course 1

Research Proposal: Initiating Research

Course 2

Qualitative Research

Course 3

Quantitative Research

Course 4

Research Report: Delivering Insights

Course prerequisites

At least 2 years of business experience and some familiarity with basic statistics.

Course images

Market Research Specialization introduction video

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This collection includes 4 different courses.

download link

Course 1 – Research Proposal: Initiating Research

Download the course – 291 MB

Course 2 – Qualitative Research

Download the course – 687 MB

Course 3 – Quantitative Research

Download the course – 622 MB

Course 4 – Research Report: Delivering Insights

Download the course – 782 MB

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4.3/5 – (2619 points)

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