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Marketing Analytics


Marketing Analytics is a marketing analytics training course published by Coursera Online University. Organizations large and small are inundated with data about consumer choices. But this wealth of information does not always translate into better decisions. Knowing how to interpret data is a challenge, and marketers in particular are expected to increasingly use analytics to inform and justify their decisions.

Marketing analytics enables marketers to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Beyond the obvious sales and lead generation applications, marketing analytics can provide deep insight into customer preferences and trends that can be further leveraged for future marketing and business decisions. Developed at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, this course gives you the tools to measure brand and customer assets, understand regression analysis, and design experiments as a way to evaluate and optimize marketing campaigns. You will leave the course with a thorough understanding of how to use marketing analytics to predict results and systematically allocate resources.

What you will learn in the Marketing Analytics training course:

  • How to build and define brand architecture and how to measure the impact of marketing efforts on brand value over time
  • How to measure customer lifetime value and use that information to evaluate strategic marketing alternatives.
  • How to design essential experiments to evaluate your marketing efforts and best invest your marketing dollars.
  • How to set up regressions, interpret outputs, examine confounding effects and biases, and distinguish between economic and statistical significance.

Course details

Publisher: Coursera
teacher: Rajkumar Venkatesan
English language
Provider institution/university: University of Virginia
Education level: introductory
Number of weeks: 5
Training duration: about 16 hours

Marketing Analytics training course topics

Week 1

Leveraging User Generated Content

Week 2

Metrics for Measuring Brand Assets

Week 3

Customer Lifetime Value

Week 4

Marketing Experiments

Week 5

Regression Basics

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