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Narrative Economics


Narrative Economics, the Narrative Economics course is published by Coursera Academy. This course, Narrative Economics, is relatively short and suggests a simple concept: we need to incorporate the contagion of narratives into our economic theory. You can think of narratives as stories that shape public beliefs that in turn influence our decision making. Understanding how people have reached certain decisions in the past can help us understand the economy today and improve our predictions of the future. Popular thinking strongly influences our answers to questions like how much to invest, how much to spend or save, whether to go to college or get a certain job, and many other things. Narrative economics is the study of the viral spread of popular narratives that influence economic behavior. I believe that incorporating these ideas into our research should both improve our ability to predict and prepare for economic events and help structure economic institutions and policies.

Until we better include it in our analysis and forecasting methods, we will not have information about a very real, very tangible and very important mechanism for economic change. Even in the age of the dawn of the Internet and artificial intelligence, human narratives will matter until people ultimately retain control. Perhaps they become especially important as new technology exploits human frailty and creates new venues for narrative transmission. If we do not understand the epidemics of popular narratives, we cannot fully understand the changes in the economy and economic behavior. This course provides only the beginnings of a new idea and some suggestions for how it can be used by economists and financial professionals. The tone is not prescriptive or authoritative as perhaps my Coursera course, Financial Markets, is in places. This marks the beginning of the (epidemic) journey. Starting the journey is the easy part. The challenge will be to take these concepts to the next level. We have the tools to incorporate narratives into our research and ethically mandate action.

What you will learn

  • How and why certain stories spread online.
  • How viral narratives shape public beliefs and influence our decision-making.

Description of the Narrative Economics course

  • Publisher: Coursera
  • teacher : Robert Shiller
  • English language
  • Education level: introductory
  • Number of courses: 4
  • Training duration: 3 weeks including 1 hour of work per week

Chapters of the Narrative Economics course

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Narrative Economics

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