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Rust Programming Specialization


Rust Programming Specialization, a Rust programming training course published by Coursera Academy. Learn to build robust and efficient software with Rust’s unique security and speed through projects in data engineering, Linux tools, DevOps, LLMs, cloud computing, and machine learning operations. This comprehensive Rust specialization from Coursera and Duke University, a premier data science and artificial intelligence program, provides software engineers, data scientists, and technical professionals with the practical skills to leverage Rust’s speed, safety, and versatility to program robust systems. to give

Over five courses ranging from basic syntax to advanced machine learning integrations, master Rust programming through hands-on lessons and over 20 coding projects, then tackle real-world challenges like building database migration tools, optimizing pipelines ML or creating a Linux automation script. Upon completion you will have a Rust portfolio ready to apply for roles such as Platform Engineer, MLOps Engineer, Data Engineer, Embedded Engineer or Backend Developer. Through more than 20 hands-on programming projects such as building a Rust chatbot, containerizing a web service, developing a Linux automation script, or optimizing a machine learning pipeline, learners will apply their Rust skills to tackle real-world, authentic experience and Will get ready. Systems programming problems are designed by Duke University experts.

What you will learn

  • computer programming
  • Rust (programming language)
  • Cargo
  • Information engineering
  • Cloud processing
  • Command line interface
  • Polars
  • DevOps
  • AWS Lambda
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Artificial intelligence pair programming

Details of the Rust Programming Specialization course

  • Publisher: Coursera
  • teacher : Noah Gift
  • English language
  • Education level: introductory
  • Number of courses: 5
  • Duration of training: 4 months including 10 hours of work per week

The chapters of the Rust Programming Specialization course

Course prerequisites

  • Beginner programming experience in any language. Familiarity with Linux, command line interfaces, or cloud services helpful.


Rust Programming Specialization

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Rust Fundamentals

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Data Engineering with Rust

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Rust for DevOps

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Python and Rust with Linux Command Line Tools

Download – 876 MB

Rust for Large Language Model Operations (LLMOps)

Download – 416 MB

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