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Strategic Business Analytics Specialization


Strategic Business Analytics Specialization, the strategic business analytics training course is published by Coursera Academy. This specialization is designed for students, business analysts and data scientists who want to apply statistical knowledge and techniques in business contexts. We recommend that you have a background in statistics, R or another programming language, and familiarity with databases and data analysis techniques such as regression, classification, and clustering. We will cover a wide range of analytical approaches in various industry domains. You will engage in practical case studies in real business contexts such as event forecasting, statistical customer segmentation and calculating customer score and lifetime value. We also teach you how to take these analyzes and effectively present them to stakeholders so your business can take action.

The third course and the Capstone project are designed in partnership with Accenture, one of the most recognized consulting, technology services and outsourcing companies in the world. You will learn about applications in a wide range of sectors including media, communications, public services and more. By the end of this specialization you will be able to use statistical techniques in R to develop business intelligence insights and present them in a compelling way to enable intelligent and sustainable business decisions. You will receive a specialized certificate from one of the world’s leading business schools and receive training from two of Europe’s leading professors in business analysis and marketing.

What you will learn

  • Marketing performance measurement and management
  • R programming
  • Marketing analysis
  • Presentation

Strategic Business Analytics Specialization course specifications

  • Publisher: Coursera
  • teacher : Arnaud De Bruyn
  • English language
  • Training level: advanced
  • Number of courses: 4
  • Duration of training: 1 month including 10 hours of work per week

Chapters of the Strategic Business Analytics Specialization course

Course prerequisites

  • This specialization is designed for graduate students and professionals interested in practical applications of business analytics techniques and big data, with a good IT and statistical background. You’ll need a strong background in R and analytics to complete the coursework, and some experience with machine learning and SQL will also be useful.


Strategic Business Analytics Specialization

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Foundations of strategic business analytics

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Foundations of marketing analytics

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Case studies in business analytics with ACCENTURE

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Capstone: Create Value from Open Data

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