Download Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Flutter

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Flutter


Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Flutter, the training course for cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter is published by Frontend Masters Academy. Creating an application for different platforms in the mobile space is challenging. In this article, we will learn about Dart as a language, how Flutter works with the user interface, building widgets and connecting those widgets with data. Finally, you will have an app that you can compile for Android, iOS, and the web using the PWA platform. You can publish the same program in different software stores.

What you will learn

  • You have a summary
  • You have principles
  • Variables and types
  • Functions and Lambda
  • classes
  • Launch Android Studio
  • Flutter code
  • Add assets
  • Create a page of offers
  • Drag the offers page
  • Making card layout
  • Bottom navigation
  • Rendering pages
  • Pages data model
  • Add button
  • Request data with futures
  • Modifying data with FutureBuilder
  • order page
  • Add and remove products

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Flutter course specifications

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Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Flutter

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