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CrossOver, CodeWeavers software, is the easiest way to run Windows software on the Mac operating system. To run Windows programs, restarting the system and switching to Windows is not a good way at all, and virtual machines like Parallels are also very slow or require powerful hardware, so none of these methods are ideal solutions. But in the new method of CodeWeavers, it is enough to run the CrossOver software and run your desired Windows software, that’s it!

This program is fully compatible with El Capitan and Mac features such as copy/past are independent of the platform and the file sharing system can be used in Windows programs. CrossOver has a large number of Windows applications and games that can be run quickly (even faster than Windows) on a Mac without the overhead of a virtual machine. Currently, there are more than 13,000 programs in the database of this program, among which Microsoft Office 2013 software has received the most votes. CrossOver is a unique and ideal product for easy running of Windows programs on Mac.

Features and features of CrossOver software:

  • Running Windows software on Mac without virtualization and restart
  • Easy installation with just one click
  • Running Windows software at native Mac speed (that is, you don’t need multiple RAM and processors to run a small Windows program)
  • Excellent integration with the Mac operating system (possibility of docking Windows programs and copying Mac and Windows documents at the same time)
  • The interesting feature of bottles to choose the environment compatible with the program (xp, Win7, etc.)
  • And…

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Versions are usually released as activated.

Cracked versions of Linux are rarely released; Linux distribution Deepin This program includes

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Download CrossOver 24.0.3 Multilingual macOS

Download CrossOver 23.7.1 Multilingual macOS

Download CrossOver 22.1.1 macOS

Download CrossOver 21.0.0 Linux

Download CrossOver_13.1.3 Linux

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