Download DaVinci Resolve 2022 – The Complete Video Editing Course

DaVinci Resolve 2022 - The Complete Video Editing Course


DaVinci Resolve 2022 – The Complete Video Editing Course is a video editing course with DaVinci Resolve software published by Udemy Academy. DaVinci Rizzalo is one of the most powerful and advanced software for editing video files, which can be used in various areas such as video editing and correction, color correction and color grading. DaVinci Resolve is completely free and unlimited and is used by a wide range of editors and designers, both beginners and advanced. The use of this software is general and it can be used in various fields such as business, marketing, advertising, making music videos, documenting, etc.

What you will learn in DaVinci Resolve 2022 – The Complete Video Editing Course:

  • Video editing process from zero to hundred
  • Different video editing techniques in DaVinci Resolve 16
  • Launch and create a raw project
  • Installation and initial configuration of DaVinci software
  • Outputting from different projects and receiving the final video in different formats
  • Design beautiful and professional titles for different videos
  • Add motion to text
  • Using images in different videos
  • Color correction and color grading
  • Add visual special effects to various videos
  • Different techniques of removing and adding background to videos
  • Improve sound quality and add background music to video
  • Add various transitions to the video
  • Software user interface and productivity improvement techniques
  • And ….

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Phil EbinerKashif A., Video School and Abdullah A.
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 160
Training duration: 15 hours and 29 minutes

Course topics on 9/2022

DaVinci Resolve 2022 – The Complete Video Editing Course prerequisites

Students will need to install DaVinci Resolve 16 on their computers to follow along. There are A LOT OF PRACTICE EXERCISES throughout this course with downloadable practice clips. We want you to follow along.
We teach this course using DaVinci Resolve 16 & 15. If you have an older or newer version, you should still be able to learn with this course.
For Windows users, Windows 10 is needed. A computer with at least 16 GB RAM, dedicated GPU and a fast processor is recommended.

Course images

DaVinci Resolve 2022 - The Complete Video Editing Course

Course introduction video

Installation guide

After Extract, view with your favorite Player.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p

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