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The Ultimate JavaScript Animation Course


The Ultimate JavaScript Animation Course is a training course for creating animation and motion with the JavaScript programming language, published by the specialized academy DevelopedbyED. This training course is completely project-oriented and during its process you will participate in the design, development and programming process of 6 different projects. The ability to create animation for a website and create an interactive user experience is one of your most important and valuable skills as a front-end designer and developer, which can be very effective in getting better and more important job positions. Animation is one of the most important tools for website designers to focus the user’s attention on a specific element and create an interactive and special experience. Appropriate use of animations will greatly improve the user experience of your website and increase your customers.

It is very important to design a predetermined strategy and process for using animation on the website, otherwise animations will actually do the opposite and reduce the number of users and customers. This training course is designed for people who have no experience with animations and motion making, but it is suggested that you strengthen your knowledge in the fields of HTML, CSS, and finally JavaScript before starting the course. .

What you will learn in The Ultimate JavaScript Animation Course:

  • Creating animation and motion with CSS and JavaScript
  • Working with Barba Js and GSAP libraries
  • Making animations and animating SVG images
  • Animation of various elements such as images and text
  • Improving the user experience of the website with animation

Course details

Publisher: Developed by ED
teacher: Dev Ed
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 59

Course headings

Chapter One – Introduction to Animations

Chapter Two – Pop Up Cookie Animation

Chapter Three – Animating Text

Chapter Four – Micro Animations With SVGs

Chapter Five – Form Animation

Chapter Six – Page Transitions

Chapter Seven – The Ultimate Animated Website

Course images

Introduction video of The Ultimate JavaScript Animation Course

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