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Digifort is a powerful software for monitoring network and analog cameras. This program has high expandability and all its parts can be customized based on the desired features to be most useful in the field of action. One of the strengths of this program is its image processing engine. The intelligence of surveillance systems has always been one of the most important issues. One of the important indicators in the intelligence of surveillance systems is their accuracy and speed in image processing.

With many years of experience in image processing, Digifort has one of the most powerful and accurate image processing systems. This program recognizes people’s faces with very high accuracy and speed, it can count and categorize cars and different objects, it detects damage to the camera, it has the possibility of analyzing people’s movements, for example, people have stopped in a certain place, the number It shows the people of a different area.

This program can be made smarter by using different modules. For example, one of the important modules of this program is face recognition and matching, which can be used to find a person with a certain face in the population. observed The speed of face recognition and matching is very high, and with a relatively powerful system, the efficiency of this program is doubled. or modules for reading license plates that recognize car license plates with high accuracy and provide the user with various facilities for storing license plates, classifying them, finding a specific license plate, as well as issuing warnings for unauthorized license plates and many other features. Gives.

Digifort system requirements

DigiFort has been tested to work with the following Microsoft Operating Systems; Windows 2003 Server (RC2 Recommended) Windows 2008 Server Windows XP Professional (Any Service Pack – SP3 Recommended) Windows Vista (Home/Professional/Business) Windows 7
Note: 64 bit Windows editions will work, although DigiFort is a 32 bit application.


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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Download the demo version

The download link of Digifort Enterprise cracked version was removed at the request of the representative of this company in Iran.

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