Download Dolphin Browser 11.5.4 build 613 for Android +2.3

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The competition market of browsers in Android is also hot as in Windows, and various programs with different features and functions are presented. Dolphin Browser is one of the best and fastest Android browsers that has attracted many users with its light and fast performance, support for Flash and HTML5 and the latest web technologies, as well as the presence of various plugins.


Features and features of the software Dolphin Browser :

– Low use of hardware resources

– Fast user and high speed browsing on the Internet

– Full support of flash technology

– Ability to download files at high speed using a browser

– Ability to download Flash and HTML5 video files

– The possibility of synchronizing passwords, bookmarks, surfing histories and other things saved in the computer browser with the Dolphin browser

– Ability to customize the browser theme

– The existence of practical plugins to increase the program’s features



Changes in the latest version of Dolphin Browser for Android 11.5.4 build 613:

(Added) Search box on notification bar (Settings → Advanced → Customize → Notification Bar Search)
(Bug Fix) Can’t upload images when updating Facebook or Twitter status on some devices
(Bug fix) Connection error on Google & Facebook on some devices
(Bug fix) Jetpack On/Off disappears after updating to Android M on some devices
(Improved) Update Italian and Spanish translation (special thanks to Giulio Seiya, Fabio Biochetti & Ian Coronado)
Some crashes & other stability issues fixed

More information about Dolphin Browser for Android from Here Is visible.


Program tips Dolphin Browser :

– This software is free and there are no restrictions or additional ads in it.

– Only the final version of the program is placed.

– There are special versions for ARM and x86 architectures.

required system

Supported Android versions are not specifically announced by the manufacturer and will vary based on different devices; But the latest review shows support for Android 2.3 and above.


Installation guide

This program is completely free.

download link

Download the ARM version

Password file(s):


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