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Dotfuscator software is another powerful NET Obfuscation tool. It is to obfuscate and as a result to protect source codeThe softwares written with .NET is to prevent their reverse engineering and unauthorized copying. This software is approved by Microsoft and is fully compatible with different versions of Visual Studio.


Features and features of the software Dotfuscator Professional :

– Easy and fast operation of the software

– Making changes to the names, methods, variables, etc., in order to obscure them and make them unintelligible without affecting the performance and speed of program execution.

– Ability to hide and advanced encryption of strings (String Encryption)

– Creating all kinds of time limits in software

– The possibility of combining different inputs in the output of the unit

– Removing unnecessary data and codes to reduce the volume and increase the speed of software installation



Program tips Dotfuscator Professional :

– The installed version is cracked and installed and tested by Downloadly.

– New versions of this software are rarely cracked or made available to the public after a long interval.

– This program is offered in three editions, the offered version is the most complete edition, i.e. Professional.

required system


Installation guide

This version is cracked and does not require activation.

download link

Download DOTFUSCATOR Professional v6.5.4_2.0

Download DOTFUSCATOR Professional v6.0.1_2.0

Download Dotfuscator_Professional_for_.NET_v4.31.1.6114

Download Dotfuscator_Professional_for_.NET_4.10.2.2252

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