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Dr. Explain is a suitable software for designing help files for software. After developing a software, programmers need to teach different parts of the program to users. One of the best methods that is used in most of the software today is to include the textual and visual guide of the program in the program package, and users can easily access the educational content from the program’s Help menu.

Help files have different formats, such as CHM, PDF, RTF and Html formats, etc., by using Dr.Explain you can design all these formats for your program’s help. The working environment of this program is designed to be simple and quiet, and you can quickly design and supply the guide you want without getting involved with the user interface. One of the distinctive features of this product is the automatic analysis and detection of different parts of the user interface of your program. For example, if you want to explain a different option of the toolbar, the program will automatically recognize its internal components and you can describe the desired part using text descriptions and different arrows. After finishing the work, by pressing a button and selecting the desired output, you can get the final help file in any of the HTML, CHM, RTF, or PDF formats and link to this file in the Help menu of your program. It should be mentioned that there are a small number of guide production programs designed and this program is considered one of the best among competitors both in terms of graphics and in terms of capabilities and ease of use.

required system

Hardware: PC 1Ghz, RAM 512 Mb, HDD free space 200 Mb
OS: MS Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


Installation guide

Copy the Loader file in the Crack folder to the software installation location and run it. To run the program every time, you need to run the Loader.

download link

Download Dr.Explain Ultima 6.7.1296 Multilingual x64

Download Dr. Explain Ultima Advanced 6.3.1221 x64 Multilingual

Download Dr. Explain Ultima 6.1.1191 x64 Multilingual

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