Download Dr. K’s Complete First Semester General Chemistry I Course

Dr. K's Complete First Semester General Chemistry I Course


Dr. K’s Complete First Semester General Chemistry I Course, Dr. Kowalczyk’s General Chemistry Course is published by Udemy Academy. The course presented here is the exact same general chemistry course that I taught as a university professor in a chemistry department that was approved by the American Chemical Society, the professional organization of chemists. All topics essential to any general chemistry are covered here in detail. My teaching style for this Udemy course is exactly what I used to teach in lecture halls. Each topic is explained in detail, terms are defined and then examples are given to show how the theory is applied in practice.

As when I taught at university, students have access to a wealth of supplementary material, all of which will be in resource folders. In addition to 30 hours of lectures, a downloadable mp3 audio file is provided for each lecture. For all three lectures, I have included an exercise where you can test your understanding of the material. A detailed answer key is also provided for each exercise. In total, nearly 100 examples are presented in the lectures, and for each section (except section 8), I have included a list of questions that you can download and follow. To learn naming, systematic naming of elements, ions and chemical compounds, there are flashcard videos that you can download. I’ve also included some mnemonics to help you remember symbols for common elements and important concepts in chemistry. Any charts or tables presented in the lectures are also available as downloadable files.

What you will learn

  • All topics covered in the first semester of university chemistry are included in this course.
  • Each topic covered is detailed and has many examples.
  • Physical and chemical properties of matter
  • Measurements, important figures and dimensional analysis
  • Periodic table, chemical formulas, nomenclature
  • Atomic structure, atomic number and atomic weight
  • The concept of mole, percentage of composition
  • Empirical and molecular formulas
  • Stoichiometry, Limiting Factor, Percentage Yield
  • Solutions, focuses
  • Electrolytes and non-electrolytes
  • Write and balance chemical equations
  • Ionic and pure ionic reactions
  • Metathesis and Redox reactions
  • Acids, bases and their ionization reactions
  • Thermochemistry, calorimetry, enthalpy, Hess’s law
  • Quantum numbers, electron configuration of atoms
  • Features of the periodic table of elements
  • Ionization energy, electronic properties
  • Ionic and covalent bonding, bond polarity, electronegativity
  • Bond strength, bond energy, Born-Haber cycle
  • And…

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone who should have taken general chemistry at the college level but never took it in high school.
  • Anyone who needs a thorough review of chemistry before entering college.
  • Anyone interested in understanding the principles of chemistry.

Course specifications Dr. K’s Complete First Semester General Chemistry I Course

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Gregory Kowalczyk
  • English language
  • Education level: introductory
  • Number of courses: 104
  • Training duration: 31 hours and 31 minutes

Head of the chapters of Dr. K’s Complete First Semester General Chemistry I Course

Course prerequisites

  • A working knowledge of high school algebra.
  • A desire and interest in learning chemistry.


Dr.  K's Complete First Semester General Chemistry I Course

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