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Exe4j , is the name of a practical software to help and simplify the work of installing and running Java software. Using this simple software, you programmers and developers of Java programs will also be able to easily create your programs in EXE format and make it ready for use in your Windows system. Also, you will not need to install it to use this software. Also, you can easily save your program files in any path, and by clicking on the EXE file, the software will run in front of you. Also, you can edit the standard and advanced settings of this software while using this software.

Of course, the Exe4j software is provided to users for free when preparing the install4j product, but it is known as a completely independent software. Unlike other installer software, this software does not change Windows registry settings or create additional files on your disk without your permission. Also, the software in front of you has a very convenient user interface. By using this software, you will do all your work in only ten steps.

Features and features of Exe4j tool:

  • Benefiting from a suitable user interface that makes you finish your work in only 10 steps
  • Running EXE files to install and run various types of software
  • Usable for Java programmers and developers
  • Failure to apply changes to Windows registry settings
  • Possibility of standard and advanced setting
  • And…

required system

Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Server 2016/2012/2008, XP


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download EJ Technologies Exe4j 8.0.1 x64

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