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Evernote It allows you to easily capture information in any environment using any device or platform you find most convenient, making it accessible and searchable anytime, anywhere. EverNote is an app/service that lets you record, save, and sync anything across multiple devices. EverNote works on any operating system, PC, Mac or phone, and can capture anything you throw at it, from notes, pictures, media or passwords. All your information is stored in the app and you can use tags and notes to categorize them.

Now that we can access the Internet from almost anywhere and on any device, the problem of accessing your information is all at once. It can be saved online or you can sync everything across all your devices. If you have EverNote installed on your devices, just have an Internet connection and press the “Sync” button from the menu to ensure that the same information is saved on all devices. EverNote is a very promising app that captures, stores and syncs any kind of information across all your devices. Stop forgetting things Record everything now so you can find everything later.

Features and features of the software Evernote :

  • Tasks and daily notes
  • Notes and research
  • Web pages
  • White boards
  • Business Cards
  • Line lines
  • Snapshots
  • Labels
  • And …

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This app is free.

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