Download ExpertGPS Pro 8.63.0 – Free software download

Download ExpertGPS Pro 8.63.0 - Free software download


ExpertGPS is a very efficient software for connecting to GPS devices and sending and receiving their information. This software is able to easily connect to famous GPS receivers such as Garmin, Magellan and Lawrence and read their information through a computer connection. Using this program, geologists can transfer the impressions they have taken from different areas with the GPS receiver to the computer in the form of files and view the registered points graphically on the map through special software. This software is also capable of geo-tagging and adding images with coordinates to the environment of your maps. One of the important advantages of this program compared to other similar software is its support for a wide range of maps in different formats such as kml, gpx, dxf, shp, etc.

This software includes a database of online maps that users with an Internet connection can use in their projects. In other similar software, usually the process of transferring ground impressions to maps has faced errors. For example, some formats are not produced correctly and the destination is not opened in gis software. Or we face problems when preparing shape files and AutoCAD maps. But this software performs these tasks precisely and flawlessly, and the output of the work opens correctly in the destination software. With ExpertGPS, connect your GPS device to the computer and easily prepare an output shape file from your captured points, and then enter the shape file into the gis software without worrying about various errors and with high accuracy.

required system

Windows 10, 8.1, and 7


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

If there is a problem with the free cracked version, the 7.10 version with a dedicated and full crack can be obtained.

download link

Download TopoGrafix ExpertGPS Pro 8.63.0

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