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Advanced PCB Layout Course


Advanced PCB Layout Course Popular course name from FEDEVEL Academy website for advanced layout training bPrinted circuit board (Printed Circuit Board – PCB) in the software Altium Designer Is. In this course, you will learn how to implement the advanced, correct and basic layout of a PCB such as DDR3 slot, PCIE, SATA, Ethernet, etc. Like other FEDEVEL Academy tutorials, this tutorial is also a hands-on tutorial and you will learn how to design a layout by seeing the layout of a real high-speed board that has a 1.2 GHz CPU, DDR3, PCIE, SATA, HDMI, LVDS, 1 GB Ethernet and etc. you will learn.

This course uses iMX6 Rex to teach PCB layout and is suitable for all people, including engineers and professionals, and of course requires basic familiarity with Altium Desinger. The layout of a PCB includes various topics, which this course covers all the required items such as basic rules, fan installation, layer arrangement, number of layers, length matching, length adjustment, high-speed design rules, various layout tips, connecting different components, topology Learns T-branch vs. Fly-by and many more. With the help of this course, you can learn the advanced layout of a PCB with the necessary details.

What you will learn in Advanced PCB Layout Course:

  • Placement: how to place the CPU, memories, power supplies, connectors and…
  • Basic rules and basic stacking: basic rules and settings to start the layout
  • Installing the fan under the CPU: How to place the fan in dense areas of the PCB
  • Preliminary layout of DDR3: deciding how to use layers, changing pin and bank and…
  • Installing a fan board: how to do it and experimental suggestions
  • Layout planning: how to plan the layout for high-speed interfaces, wide buses, power distribution, etc.
  • Intersections: How to calculate and minimize intersections
  • Impedances and stacking: How to calculate impedance and decide on stacking
  • Ordering layers: deciding and determining the order of layers
  • Number of layers: Deciding and determining the number of layers
  • Length adaptation: DDR2/3, PCIE, HMDI, LVDS, GbE and…
  • Power polygons and planes: how to work with polygons and planes, important and practical tips and…
  • PCB review: Tips and tricks for reviewing a PCB
  • PCB completion: adding useful information such as manufacturer’s notes, mechanical drawing layer, etc.
  • Generating and checking Gerber files: How to generate Gerber files, checking them and…

Specifications of Advanced PCB Layout Course:

  • Publisher: FEDEVEL Academy
  • teacher : Robert Feranec
  • English language
  • Education level: Advanced
  • Number of courses: 7
  • Duration: 14 hours and 53 minutes

Chapters of Advanced PCB Layout Course

  • Part 1 – Placement 02:12:53
  • Part 2 – Rules, stackup, CPU fanout, DDR3 layout | 02:12:45
  • Part 3 – Board fanout, planning layout, crosstalk, impedances and stackup 01:50:08
  • Part 4 – High speed design rules and routing, layer ordering 02:22:40
  • Part 5 – Number of layers and layout 02:18:44
  • Part 6 – Length matching, memory routing, polygons and power planes 02:04:56
  • Part 7 – Checking PCB, length tuning, finishing PCB, generating and checking gerber files 01:50:57


  • A computer that allows you to run Altium Designer.
  • This course requires some basic knowledge of Altium Designer. If you are just starting with board design, you may want to look at the Advanced Hardware Design first.


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