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Switching Power Supply Design Course


Switching Power Supply Design Course The name of a popular course from the FEDEVEL Academy website for teaching board design in software Altium Designer Is. This course is perfect for beginners and anyone who wants to start using Altium Designer software. Companies that hired new employees or young engineers can take advantage of this course to train their human resources. This course, design a Switching power supply as an example to fully teach the process of designing a board, by observing and repeating its steps, you can design any type of board you want. This piece is used in almost all boards and for this reason it has been chosen as an example in this course.

Switching Power Supply Design Course is a step-by-step course that describes each step of the switching power supply design process. Even if you have no previous board design experience, you can design a switching power supply by yourself just by repeating the steps shown in this course. This course tries to teach you the most important possible knowledge, that is, how to use the Altium Designer software, because by acquiring this knowledge, you can advance your projects and design your own boards.

What you will learn in Switching Power Supply Design Course:

  • Starting a project: building the project and adding schematic pages
  • Making schematic symbols: making chips, resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, pads, etc.
  • Drawing a schematic: placing components in the schematic, connecting pins and…
  • Completing the schematic: annotations, adding text and explanations and…
  • Schematic tips and tricks: names and…
  • Making footprints: using the components guide, getting to know layers in Altium and…
  • Setting up stacks and setting layout rules
  • How to arrange the components on the PCB: determining the importance, selecting the components from the schematic and placing them on the PCB and…
  • PCB layout design: getting to know important issues, connecting pins, working with polygons, etc.
  • Improving and completing PCB layout: DRC check, clearing violations, adding text, adjusting thermal relief pads, etc.
  • Creating outputs for PCB production: receiving output to PDF, NC Drill, Gerber files and…
  • Working with Altium: important commands, settings, familiarization with common situations

Specifications of Switching Power Supply Design Course:

  • Publisher: FEDEVEL Academy
  • teacher : Robert Feranec
  • English language
  • Education level: from elementary to advanced
  • Number of courses: 6
  • Duration: 5 hours and 53 minutes

Chapters of Switching Power Supply Design Course

  • Part 1 – Starting a new project 01:06:38
  • Part 2 – Drawing a schematic 01:08:48
  • Part 3 – Creating footprints 00:58:28
  • Part 4 – Doing PCB layout 00:59:33
  • Part 5 – Improving PCB layout 01:08:08
  • Part 6 – Finishing PCB and generating manufacturing outputs 00:31:37


  • A computer that allows you to run Altium Designer.
  • No previous Altium Designer knowledge is required.


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