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Sawmill is a software for displaying important information and details about your network traffic patterns, which can be highly functional for you by relying on the experience tool and hierarchical analysis of reports. Working as a network administrator is a challenging job because you have to constantly monitor network patterns and handle numerous logs and reports. With the help of Sawmill, you can save your time and do things faster instead of controlling traffic patterns and logs manually. This software works completely in the web environment, and to work with it, you need an updated browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc. The design of the software interface is very beautiful and it takes you away from the black and white control environment.

Although Sawmill is designed for network administrators and professionals, you can easily use the software with the help of software documentation. Relying on the multiple functions of the software, if you intend to process huge log files, you can check them in a user-friendly environment as soon as the information is organized by the software. In addition, the software can generate several statistics using your log files and compare them easily without the need to manually extract the log files.

Another feature of Sawmill is the possibility of scheduling different tasks, which helps you to make your work easier. Among the processes that can be executed automatically at a specified time, we can mention creating a database, running the command line, creating a report file, or extracting a CSV table. You can also define a list of users and specify their access level to various software tools. This feature allows you to prevent unwanted manipulations by restricting some functions for some users.

Features and features of Sawmill software:

  • Live reports and charts
  • A powerful package of analysis tools
  • Interesting statistics of log files and comparable
  • Database driven
  • Dynamic and powerful filters
  • Access based authentication
  • Wide support for different platforms

required system

64bit Intel or AMD processors

200% and 400% the size of your uncompressed log data to store the Sawmill database

2GB of RAM per core

MySQL (version 4.0 or later), Oracle (11), or Microsoft SQL Server (2005 or later)


Installation guide

Use the serials in the Serials.txt file for activation.

Different versions of Linux are included in one package.

download link

Download Flowerfire_Sawmill_Enterprise_8.8.1.1_x64_Multilingual

Download Sawmill_Enterprise x86

Download Sawmill_Enterprise Linux86

Download Sawmill_Enterprise Linux64

Password file(s):


Windows 32-bit version: 31 MB

Windows 64-bit version: 35 MB

64-bit Mac version: 35 MB

32-bit Linux version: 67 MB

64-bit Linux version: 306 MB

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