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Browser Data Storage


Browser Data Storage, the data storage course in the browser is published by Frontend Masters Academy. With this tutorial, you will learn how to store data in modern browsers for websites, applications and PWAs. We focus on capability The same display in different browsers or in other words Cross-Browser For IndexedDB, we will focus on Cache storage, modern cookie management, file system access, and storage management APIs. Using the challenges that we put before you, you will understand the current state of storage in each browser, their quota and stability, and how to work with databases and the local file system.

The course instructor works as an independent developer. He is a mobile web developer, trainer, speaker and author. He has authored many books, including Mobile Web Programming and High Performance Mobile Web, published by O’Reilly Media. He is a regular speaker at conferences around the world and is known for his work in the field of mobile.

What you will learn

  • Stable data storage for better user experience
  • Learn how to use IndexedDB with database promises
  • Work with the file system to read and save files
  • Learn about your storage quota and how to save data
  • Manage saved resources for faster and offline access

Browser Data Storage course specifications

Head of the chapters of the Browser Data Storage course

# Introduction
# State of browser storage
# Debugging tools
# Quotas and persistence
# Databases with IndexedDB
# Managing the browser’s cache
# Working with the file system
# Best Practices

Course prerequisites

  • JavaScript experience
  • Promises


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