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JavaScript in the Background


JavaScript in the Background, the training course for working with JavaScript in the background has been published by Udemy Academy. What happens to your JavaScript when a user closes their browser or leaves your web application in the background? To detect these changes and run the code, you will get to know the new features of the web application. Improve the user experience through things like updating the user, saving and retrieving state, or processing ongoing operations. Plus, using the Web Push API, you can send users real-time push notifications through your web application. The course instructor discusses possible conditions that affect the life cycle of a web application and what happens in the life cycle of a mobile operating system. Unlike a desktop OS where apps run in the background, in a mobile OS, apps stop and don’t consume resources.

What you will learn

  • Life cycle of web applications
  • View desktop background javascript
  • View mobile background javascript
  • Background service worker APIs
  • Background detection
  • Detection of changes in visibility
  • Change coding capability
  • Freezing detection
  • Program change detection
  • Notifications and user interface
  • picture in picture
  • Beacon API
  • Background sync
  • Push notifications
  • Push notification settings
  • Key generation
  • Subscribe to Node.js
  • Request subscription access
  • Options and events

Specifications of JavaScript in the Background course

JavaScript in the Background course chapters

1. Introduction
2. Web App Lifecycle
3. Service Worker Background APIs
4. Service Workers
5. Waking Up Background JavaScript
6. Push Notifications
7. Wrapping up


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