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Production-Grade Next.js


Production-Grade Next.js is a Next.js framework training course published by Front and Masters Academy. Next.js is actually a framework and add-on tool based on React, which expands the capabilities of this framework and provides the possibility of developing different applications in a full-stack manner. Relative mastery of React and NodeJS programming language will greatly simplify the learning process of Next.js and make the student’s work easier. This framework allows you to implement React applications as Server Side Rendering (SSR) and benefit from the benefits of this technique. Among the most important advantages of this framework are file-based routing and the ability to develop the server side of the website (full stack).

During the educational process of this course, various skills such as the implementation of authentication and user login and exit, creating static and dynamic websites, previewing website contents, requesting data from the database and displaying received information on You will get the site, the use of content management systems and the creation of a store integrated with Next.js and… Next.js is a relatively flexible and scalable tool that can be used in the development of various types of web applications.

What you will learn in the Production-Grade Next.js course:

  • Familiarity with the concept of server side rendering (SSR) and its difference with SPA
  • Adding the authentication section and user login and logout management to the web application
  • Request information from the database and display it on the website
  • structuring Next.js projects and using it alongside other tools such as TypeScript
  • Dynamic and static routes
  • Connecting the application to the database and fetching the information on the server side
  • Creating dynamic routes in api
  • Preview and how Next.js works

Course details

Publisher: Front and Masters
teacher: Scott Moss
English language
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 24
Training duration: 3 hours and 57 minutes

Next.js Production-Grade Course Headlines


Dynamic Content

Authentication with NextAuth.js

Protecting Pages

Client Side Mutations & Deployment

Wrapping up

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Production-Grade Next.js course introduction video

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