Download Gemcom Whittle 4.5.1 – Free software download

Download Gemcom Whittle 4.5.1 - Free software download


Gemcom Whittle is a series of mine optimization and strategic mine planning products developed by Jeff Whittle since 1984. When exploration and mining companies need to assess the financial viability and optimal mining strategy for a deposit, they turn to the industry-leading strategic planning of Moezen. Whittle provides reliable results and is used in feasibility, mine life scheduling and mine re-evaluation throughout the production phase.

Features and features of Gemcom Whittle software:

  • Essential capabilities for hole optimization and timing criteria
  • Unique ability to organize multiple analyzes within a single project
  • Continuity of 30 elements that can be used to model physical, economic and environmental factors.
  • Easy to use graphs and templates for extensive sensitivity and risk analysis
  • Extending the capabilities of the Milawa algorithm to support up to 50 pushes during scheduling
  • Support for multiple mining schedules
  • Simultaneous optimization is the latest development in strategic mine planning that optimizes mines in one step.
  • Incorporating planning materials into the final product or process input constraints
  • Support multiple methods to calculate block value and income
  • Output formats for use with MineMaps Express
  • Advanced analysis module that allows Whittle to perform complex analysis. It is useful for designers who are interested in extensive sensitivity testing and risk analysis.

System requirements for Gemcom Whittle software

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

Memory: 32bit, 4GB – 64bit, 8GB


Gemcom Whittle software installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

Version 4.5.1 was successfully installed and cracked on 8th December 1400 on Windows 10 64-bit edition.

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Download Gemcom Whittle 4.5.1

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