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Grail UI Kit , is a tool in the field of programming in Xamarin form. A collection of ready-made templates for making Android and iOS software is included in this collection. This collection is completely prepared and designed for .NET developers. Very beautiful XAML templates for your use with the ability to adjust and edit it fully are among the features of this collection. Also, this collection is very useful for Persian speakers. The ability to fold right and left is fully available in this collection.

The calculated and very regular design of the templates of this collection provides you with the necessary conditions for work. You will easily be able to choose your base template, then you will choose your desired color scheme and after that you will start building the features and features you want. Another unique feature of this collection is the optimization of all formats and features for use on screens of different sizes. It doesn’t matter if your user uses a tablet or a phone, in any case, your software is properly optimized and responsive.

Features and features of the Grial UI Kit tool:

  • More than 70 ready-made and beautiful templates for users to use
  • The templates prepared in this collection are very clean and perfect
  • All templates are fully customizable
  • It is possible to change the colors of all templates in less than a minute
  • Fully responsive for all screens
  • The ability to fold the templates right and left is provided
  • And…

required system

Visual Studio / Xamarin


Installation guide

The installed versions are complete or cracked.

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Download Grial UI Kit for Xamarin Forms 3 Full

Download Grail Renamer Tool

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