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ActiveReportsJS is a reporting solution that helps you create complex reports using a simple yet powerful API that you can easily embed and customize for your needs. You can choose from page-based reports or data-driven RDL reports to create a complete report library. You can quickly generate WYSIWYG reports on the client side to PDF or Excel export The tool also includes built-in support for low-level data access, item browsing, and expressions for conditional formatting.

Features and features of the ActiveReportsJS tool:

High performance JavaScript reporting engine

Use the powerful reporting engine to load and generate your reports in JavaScript on any device.

Design interactive JavaScript reports

Use low-level data access functions, item browsing, to provide more specific interaction and information to end users.

No external dependencies

Written in TypeScript that you can run in any web application. It can also be configured for use in VSCode.

User side export and print

Quick creation of WYSIWYG reports and export to PDF and Excel on the user side that allows users to print JavaScript reports. Export reports in PDF, Excel and HTML formats.

Reporting for any JavaScript framework

Using ActiveReportsJS for popular JavaScript frameworks including Angular, React and Vue.

required system

Any of the following HTML5 supported browsers are required:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Supported Frameworks

Supported Operating Systems


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Copy and replace the app.asar file in the crack folder in the resources folder in the software installation location. When running the software, use the serial in the crack folder.

Grapecity ActiveReportsJS Designer v3.1.1 was successfully installed and activated on April 6, 1402 in Windows 10 64-bit edition as shown in the image.

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Download Grapecity ActiveReportsJS Designer v3.1.1

Download ActiveReportsJS 1.1

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