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HIPS and SIPS by CARIS is a software product that processes hydrographic data. Backed by more than 25 years of excellence, the HIPS and SIPS product portfolios provide essential capabilities and professional-grade tools for hydrographic data processing. With support for over 40 industry standard data formats, HIPS and SIPS can be easily integrated into any workflow. It allows you to process multi-beam, backscatter, side-scan sonar, single-beam and lidar data simultaneously. It combines the latest 3D visualization technology with the aim of hydrography, oceanography and marine science. As part of the Ping-to-Chart workflow, HIPS and SIPS can be easily expanded to meet your broader spatial needs.

Working in the editor of this set allows users to compare and correct data between adjacent lines to ensure the best alignment. Multiple corrections can be made across lines to address local issues for maximum flexibility, and interpolation between corrections ensures a smooth transition. Modifications can also be easily viewed for review, or discarded if users want to revert to the original data states.

Features and features of HIPS and SIPS software:

  • Modification mode for the CARIS sub-set editor
  • New audio speed and vertical correction options
  • ADMIRALTY GAM service sonar noise
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) purchase option.
  • Support for S-102 Bathymetric Surface

required system

Processor: Recent generation multi-core CPU

Memory: 16 GB of RAM

Storage: 7200 RPM disk drive or Solid State Drive, minimum 1 GB available for installation

Display: NVidia® or AMD® display adapter, with an OpenGL 3.3 compatible GPU, with 2GB of memory or greater

Operating System: Windows 10 Professional 64-bit


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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