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Foundation in C#: Battleship Project


Foundation in C#: Battleship Project is a project-based C# programming course published by iamtimcorey. In this training course, you will apply all the points and theories taught in the previous courses in a completely practical way and develop a simple and small game. This game is called Battleship Lite and it will teach you the complex processes of pre-development planning and then the final coding of the project. Designing and developing C# applications is a very time-consuming and challenging process, and in order to facilitate the work of developers and increase accuracy, this process should be divided into smaller steps. The skills and knowledge acquired in this training course will help you to easily develop medium and large applications and enter the job market.

What you will learn in Foundation in C#: Battleship Project course:

  • Planning before the development and coding process and an overview of the project and the intended challenge
  • The complex and time-consuming process of developing C# applications
  • Developing the logic of the project and its various components mentally
  • Ultimate troubleshooting and debugging
  • Final testing of the application and its release

Course details

Publisher: IAmTimCorey
teacher: Tim Corey
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 9
Training duration: 5 hours and 7 minutes

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Foundation in C#: Battleship Project

Foundation in C#: Battleship Project introductory video

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