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Data Representation and Serialization


Data Representation and Serialization, the data representation and serialization training course has been published by ITProTV Academy. In this series, we look at common formats for storing, reading, and manipulating data such as Comma Separated Values ​​(CSV), JavaScript Object Markup Language (JSON), YAML Ain’t Markup Language (YAML), and eXtensible Markup Language (XML). we throw If you want to learn more about these data formats as well as how to interact with these different data representations using Python, you have chosen the right course. We will talk about data display and serialization. This course is about getting to know the common ways that information or data can be displayed in different formats. Besides, we interact, right? How do they use Python to read and write those relevant formats. Who is the target of this show? And also how do you do it in Python? How do I read this type of file in Python? How to write this type of file in Python? How can I manipulate this CSV data in Python?

What you will learn

  • CSV
  • JSON
  • YAML
  • XML and HTML

Data Representation and Serialization course specifications

  • Publisher: ITProTV
  • teacher : Justin
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 25
  • Training duration: 11 hours and 1 minute

Chapters of the Data Representation and Serialization course

1. Overview
3. Explore CSV Files
4. Use csv module
5. Use csv Module Part 2
6. Use the pandas package
7. Use the tablib package
8. What is JSON
9. Explore JSON Files
10. JSON Use the JSON Module
11. JSON Use the pandas Package
12. Use the simplejson and ujson Packages
13. JSON Use the tablib Package
14. What is YAML
15. Explore YAML Files
16. Use the PyYAML Package
17. YAML Use the tablib Package
18. What is XML
19. Explore XML Files
2. What is CSV
20. What is HTML
21. Explore HTML Files
22. Use the XML Module
23. Use the lxml package
24. Use the xmltodict Package
25. Use the BeautifulSoup Package


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