Download Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build eCommerce Website

Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build eCommerce Website


Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build eCommerce Website is a project-based training course on building a store website using Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate, published by Udemy Academy. During the process of this training course, you will develop a website and application for buying and selling books using the mentioned technologies and frameworks, and you will become a powerful full-stack programmer! Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages (JSP) and JSTL are the main and central technologies of the Java platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and they are used to develop various Java applications that run in the Java Virtual Environment (JVM). Learning the mentioned technologies will simplify the process of learning frameworks such as Spring and Struts and will advance you several steps in terms of technology and education.

In the back-end section of the application, various processes such as user management, categories and categories management, posts and books management, storage of users’ personal information and data related to orders, statistics and reporting, etc. will be carried out. In the front-end section of the site, various pages will be designed with all the required functions, among which the most important ones can be the main page of the site, the list of books with the ability to filter by category, the search page, and the basket. And shopping card and… he mentioned.

What you will learn in the Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build eCommerce Website training course:

  • Designing and developing a store website with Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate framework
  • Designing website pages and adding various processes and functions
  • Creating a management and admin panel
  • Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop the front end of the website
  • Building reactive and responsive websites
  • Designing and managing databases with MySQL
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Nam Ha Minh
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 253
Training duration: 59 hours and 19 minutes

Course topics on 8/2022

Course prerequisites

Have basic knowledge in Java, JSP, Servlet and Hibernate
A little knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery (optional)

Course images

Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build eCommerce Website

Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate course introduction video: Build eCommerce Website

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