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CryptoKet - Web3 NFT Marketplace Web Application


CryptoKet – Web3 NFT Marketplace Web Application, NFT Marketplace Web Application Development Course is published by JSMastery Pro Academy. NFT Marketplace leverages the latest and greatest software technologies to empower students through hands-on, project-based learning. Building on the massive power of Solidity and Next.js, this course combines the futuristic elements of Web3 & Blockchain and the wave of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). This course introduces you to the world of NFT platforms and provides software developers with the opportunity to make an impact on potential employers and clients by creating a comprehensive, production-ready, high-end NFT marketplace.

Software developers are in high demand as the modern world explores innovative concepts and unexplored paths to digital enlightenment. Web 3 will change the way to connect to the Internet, the ability to surf the web and the overall abstraction of the user experience. Inside Police NFT Market we will work with the most modern, popular and popular JavaScript ecosystem technologies such as React.js, Solidity, MetaMask, IPFS, ES Lint, etc.

What you will learn

  • How to implement blockchain best practices and use digital ledger technology to manage NFTs and other digital products
  • How to create smart contracts that execute based on predetermined conditions
  • How to understand the Solidity language and position your code for best results
  • How to use Next.js framework to enable React-based app functionality
  • How to use MetaMask to pair wallets to check token balance and sign transactions
  • How to use the Enterprise File System (IPFS) for peer-to-peer storage and sharing of large files
  • How to use the Polygon blockchain for fast and secure cryptocurrency transactions
  • How to use Tailwind CSS to create appropriate layouts and optimized user interfaces
  • How to develop web applications with advanced website themes to provide style and dark access for users viewing on different devices
  • How to combine knowledge and practical experience to form a comprehensive project-oriented portfolio for career applications

Course Specifications CryptoKet – Web3 NFT Marketplace Web Application

  • Publisher: JSMastery Pro
  • teacher : Adrian Hajdin
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 48
  • Training duration: 11 hours and 20 minutes

CryptoKet course chapters – Web3 NFT Marketplace Web Application

01. Module

  • Welcome.mp4
  • Environment Setup.mp4
  • Visual Code Stepup.mp4

02. Module

  • Business Masterclass intro.mp4
  • Reading RFP.mp4
  • Proposal Template.mp4
  • CryptoKet Proposal.mp4

03. Module

  • Project Setup
  • ESLint Setup
  • Tailwind Introduction
  • Git & GitHub Setup
  • Next.js File-Based Routing and Setup
  • Reusable Logic
  • Navbar Development
  • Footer Development
  • Banner Development
  • Top Sellers
  • Hot Birds Part-1
  • Hot Birds Part-2
  • Create NFT Page 1
  • Create NFT Page input

04. Module

  • Hardhat Setup Metamask Configuration
  • Smart Contract Configuration
  • Update and Get Listing Price
  • Function Create Token
  • Function CreateMarketItem
  • Function ResellToken
  • CreateMarketSale
  • Fetching NFTs Solidity
  • Deploying Smart Contract

05. Module

  • NFT Context
  • Connect Metamask Wallet
  • Upload Image to IPFS
  • Create NFTs
  • Fetching NFTs Nextjs
  • What we’ve done so far

06. Module

  • Listed NFTs Page
  • My NFTs Page
  • NFT Details Page
  • Modal Development
  • Buy NFTs
  • Resell NFTs
  • Best Creators Bonus Lecture
  • Search Bar Development
  • Reusing the Search Bar
  • Small Bug Fixes
  • RLet’s Go Testing
  • Global NFT Loading


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