Download Kubernetes Hands-On – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud

Kubernetes Hands-On - Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud


Kubernetes Hands-On – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud is a Kubernetes project-oriented training course and the installation and implementation of microservices in the Amazon cloud (AWS), published by Yodemy Academy. Kubernetes is a powerful tool for rapid development and management of containerized applications supported by Google. Kubernetes can be used to develop and implement applications based on microservices architecture. Microservice is one of the new trends in software development. In this approach, the application is divided into smaller implementations that interact with each other and form the whole application.

This training course is completely project-oriented, and to participate in it, only a relative mastery of one of the programming languages ​​is enough. The course instructor has already prepared a set of Docker images and you only have to work with Kubernetes. To develop complex systems, we need a specific architecture. Each architecture has a set of unique strengths and weaknesses, and the developer is allowed to consider different decisions regarding the conditions and prerequisites in the field of designing their applications. The first part of this training course can be done locally on your computer or personal system, but to do the second part, you need to buy an account from Amazon web services.

What you will learn in Kubernetes Hands-On – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud training course:

  • Implementation of containers in Kubernetes Cluster
  • Running Kubernetes on AWS using EKS and Kops
  • Monitor and perform Kubernetes cluster monitoring processes with Prometheus and Grafana services
  • Log analysis with ELK Stack (ElasticStack), Kibana and ElasticSearch
  • Manage alerts and warnings with Slack Channels
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Richard Chesterwood ,Virtual Pair Programmers And Prageeth Warnak
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 185
Training duration: 28 hours and 51 minutes

Course headings

Kubernetes Hands-On Course Prerequisites – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud

Some previous knowledge of Docker is useful, but an overview is provided as part of the course
Previous knowledge of AWS is useful for the later sections of the course; however all the concepts are explained in detail and this would serve as a great first project on AWS
We’ll be using the terminal throughout the course so some (basic) familiarity of terminal operations is assumed
You will need a modern computer with at least 8Gb of RAM to run the practical sessions

Course images

Kubernetes Hands-On - Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud

Kubernetes Hands-On course introduction video – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud

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The version of 2024/1 compared to 2022/9 has increased the number of 6 lessons and the duration of 49 minutes.

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