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IRRICAD The name of specialized software for designing systems wATERING systems It is developed by the engineers of this profession at Lincoln Agritech. This software can be used in the design of any irrigation system under pressure. Whether to draw the initial idea or to make the final design, IRRICAD is an essential software for all people who need to design and build pressurized irrigation systems or water supply. This software is much more than just a drawing software because it combines the advantages of CAD drawing with general and specialized features related to irrigation such as hydraulic pipe size, whole network analysis and cost management.

IRRICAD provides the possibility of quick analysis of complex hydraulic systems, which speeds up the process of making changes in the design. Also, the data related to many irrigation devices and equipment of the main companies is stored in the database of this software, which can also be personalized. Providing the bill of required materials, the possibility of making alternative versions of a combination of different designs to obtain the best economic or functional solution, and providing a wide range of design options are other features of this software.

Features and features of IRRICAD:

  • Simplifying the design process of design systems
  • Increasing the efficiency of irrigation systems and saving design time and consumption costs
  • Providing bill of consumables
  • Fast analysis of complex hydraulic systems
  • Creating presentation files and displaying quality with minimal effort
  • The possibility of making mixed versions of several designs to achieve the most economical or practical solution

required system

Operating System

Windows 8, 8.1 or 10


  • Intel i7 or equivalent processor
  • Minimum 8GB Ram recommended
  • 512 Mb Video Card
  • 250+ GB hard disk
  • Printers: IRRICAD can print plans and reports on any Windows compatible printer or plotter.


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download Lincoln Agritech IRRICAD v18.06 Fixed

Download Lincoln Agritech IRRICAD v18.06 Fixed Crack Only

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