Download Lingoes 2.9.2 x86/x64 + Dictionaries + Natural Voice Packages



For a long time, Babylon software was the first and last choice for installing a dictionary hosting software that had a complete set of dictionaries. In the new versions, crack problems and the weight of the software made users think of replacing it. One of the free and relatively powerful Lingoes software alternatives is Lingoes, which, of course, does not have complete dictionaries like Babylon Bank, but it will be suitable for semi-professional use.


Features and features of the software Lingoes :

– Simple and fast user interface

– Has several relatively complete Persian dictionaries

– Complete bank of English dictionaries

– Suitable for OCR and using a dictionary with a shortcut key

– Integration with Google online translator to translate texts

– Ability to pronounce words

– Full support for Farsi language



Program tips Lingoes :

– The latest version of word recognition plugins can be downloaded from the program website.

– Farsi dictionaries made for this software as well as two complete English dictionaries were placed.

– To add dictionaries to the program, just click on them; To prioritize the display and management of dictionaries, on the main page of the program, click on the Main Menu button in the upper right part and click on Dictionaries. Go to the Index Group tab and set the order of priority.

– Four pronunciation packages are also provided separately. To add the collection after downloading the desired package, copy the folder containing the alphabet folders to the program installation location and into the speech folder. Then open the program and click on Configuration from the Main Menu and go to the Speech tab and activate the Natural Voice Engine check box and select the copied package from the list. Finally, click on Rebuild Index File; Also disable Text-to-Speech to enable it.

required system

Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1


Installation guide

The software is free and has no time or structure limitations.

download link


Download the 32-bit version

Download the 64-bit version

dictionary or dictionary

Download hFarsi dictionary with 157184 words with full details – 10.6 MB

Download Arianpour’s general English to Persian dictionary with 50259 words – 1.87 MB

Download general Persian to English dictionary with 113328 words – 5.85 MB

Download French and English to Persian dictionary with 10704 words – 1.90 MB

Download English to Farsi dictionary of law (legal) with 4851 words – 541 KB

Download Merriam Webster English to English dictionary with 92056 words with definitions, terms and expressions – 34.2 MB

Download Longman’s English to English dictionary with 43169 words with definitions, terms and expressions – 9.82 MB

Download Cambridge Advanced Learner’s English to English Dictionary – 8.15 MB

Download Colin’s English to English dictionary – 15.1 MB

Download Macmillan’s English to English dictionary – 6.28 MB

Download English to English Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary – 5.98 MB

Download English to English dictionary for Microsoft computer – 1.25 MB


Download Merriam Webster’s very complete pronunciation package with 142,000 words – 292 MB

Download Longman Dictionary 2005 American Pronunciation package – 105 MB

Download Longman Dictionary English Pronunciation Package 2005 – 136 MB

Download the basic and general pronunciation package of the program including 10836 words – 25.2 MB

Password file(s):


32-bit version: 16.9 MB

64-bit version: 13.6 MB

Total vocabulary: 101 MB

Total pronunciations: 559 MB

4.3/5 – (13342 points)

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