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Data Engineering: dbt for SQL

Data Engineering course: dbt for SQL. In this comprehensive training course, experienced instructor Vinoo Ganesh will teach you how to use dbt (data build tool) to operationalize SQL in a powerful and simpler way and speed up and facilitate the data transformation process. In each chapter of the course, Vinoo presents a real-world situation or problem and explains how to solve it by providing detailed code examples. He shows you how to design and implement dbt models to solve basic and advanced challenges, including things like designing data schemas, generating SQL model files, materializing tables, implementing CTEs, and tests. becomes the SQL unit. Improve your SQL skills and make your code easier to manage by joining Vinoo in this course.

What you will learn:

  • How to install and configure dbt
  • Design and implementation of dbt data models
  • Using dbt to convert and load data
  • Test your SQL code with dbt
  • Deploying dbt models in a data warehouse
  • And more!

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