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JavaScript: Under the Hood


JavaScript Course: Under the Hood. JavaScript is a powerful and versatile language that allows you to create interactive and dynamic websites and web applications. But have you ever wondered how it does these things? In this course, we explore the fundamental concepts and principles of JavaScript and examine how JavaScript works. In this course, you will learn about key concepts such as compilation versus interpretation, just-in-time (JIT) paradigm, event loop, micro and macro tasks, garbage collection, stack, heap and queue. You will also learn about web APIs and how JavaScript interacts with the browser. This course is ideal for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of how JavaScript works.

What you’ll learn in the JavaScript: Under the Hood course

  • Difference between interpreter and compiler
  • How the just-in-time (JIT) paradigm works
  • Basics of event loop in JavaScript
  • Micro and macro functions and their role in JavaScript
  • How garbage collection works in JavaScript
  • Stack, Heap and Queue and how to use them in JavaScript
  • Web APIs and how JavaScript interacts with the browser
  • Event loop and callback queue

Course Description JavaScript: Under the Hood

  • Publisher: Linkedin
  • teacher: Manish Poduval
  • Training level: beginner
  • Training duration: 0 hours and 34 minutes

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JavaScript: Under the Hood

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