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Practical GitHub Copilot

Practical GitHub Copilot course. Copilot, a paid service provided by GitHub, is changing the way we write code. Developers who use it report that the vast majority feel more efficient and can perform repetitive tasks almost twice as fast. If you’re interested in learning how to solve problems with Copilot and become a more efficient developer, join this hands-on course coached by Ray Villalobos. He shows you how to not only use Copilot to find the best solutions to concrete coding problems, but how to best apply it in specific contexts. From setting up and navigating tools to refining results, Ray shows you practical uses of Copilot’s powerful features. Note: This course is suitable for developers who are familiar with the basic concepts of programming and using development tools.

What you will learn in the Practical GitHub Copilot course

  • Introducing Copilot: In this section, you will learn about Copilot, its benefits and how it works.
  • Installing Copilot: Ray shows you how to install and configure Copilot in your development environment.
  • Solve Coding Problems with Copilot: You’ll learn how to use Copilot to quickly and efficiently find solutions to common coding problems.
  • Optimizing Copilot Usage: Ray gives you tips and tricks to use Copilot more effectively in your projects.
  • Context-Specific Applications of Copilot: You will learn how to use Copilot in various language frameworks, tools, and development environments.
  • Refining Copilot Results: Ray shows you how to fine-tune Copilot results to find the best solution for your specific needs.

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