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Python Object-Oriented Programming


Python Object-Oriented Programming course. Object-oriented programming (OOP) features in Python make it easier to build complex and modular programs. In this course with instructor Joe Marini, learn how to apply the basic principles of OOP to build extensible and efficient programs. Joe starts with the basics of defining and using classes and objects. It then moves on to more advanced features such as abstract base classes and how to implement interfaces. He also describes some of Python’s unique features, such as magic class methods that integrate your classes with Python language and data classes to dramatically reduce the amount of boilerplate code needed to build data-driven objects.

What you will learn in the Python Object-Oriented Programming course

  • Object-oriented programming refresher
  • Basic class definition
  • Instance methods and attributes
  • Understanding inheritance
  • Abstract base classes
  • Using multiple inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Understanding composition
  • Challenge: Stocks and bonds
  • Solution: Stocks and bonds
  • And…

Python Object-Oriented Programming course specifications

  • Publisher: Linkedin
  • teacher: Joe Marini
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Training duration: 1 hour and 55 minutes

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Python Object-Oriented Programming

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