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Revit 2024: Essential Training for Architecture


Revit 2024: Essential Training for Architecture is a building architecture design training course with the powerful Revit 2024 software published by the LinkedIn training academy. This training course is at the beginner and introductory level and is designed for those students who do not have any operational experience with Revit software. At the beginning of the process of learning a software, we must master the user interface and its different parts and get familiar with its environment. This training course includes a series of preliminary topics, among the most important of which are the initial installation and launch of a project, adding tables and grids to the project, levels and levels, and determining dimensions. did

Initial and final modeling of various buildings, adding walls and windows, using connections, grouping components and different parts of a structure, connecting the project to DWG files, designing surfaces, walls and ceilings, etc. among the most important These are the skills you will learn in this training course. Adding symbols and icons and writing notes for different parts of the project is very important and can help viewers and stakeholders in understanding the overall structure of the project and its different parts.

What you will learn in Revit 2024: Essential Training for Architecture:

  • Architectural Design
  • User interface and various features of Revit 2024 software
  • Construction and initial configuration of a project
  • Specify dimensions and add grid
  • Modeling different parts of the building
  • Adding different components to the construction project
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: LinkedIn
teacher: Paul F. Aubin
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 125
Training duration: 16 hours and 28 minutes

Course headings


1. Core Concepts

2. Interface Basics

3. Starting a Project

4. Modeling Basics

5. Links, Imports, and Groups

6. Sketch-Based Modeling Components

7. Stairs

8. Complex Walls

9. Visibility and Graphic Controls

10. Rooms

11. Schedules and Tags

12. Annotation

13. Detailing

14. The Basics of the Family Editor

15. Sheets, Plotting, and Publishing


Revit 2024 course prerequisites: Essential Training for Architecture


Course images

Revit 2024: Essential Training for Architecture course introduction video

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