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SOLIDWORKS 2024 Essential Training


SOLIDWORKS 2024 Essential Training course. As the leader in product design software, SOLIDWORKS software enables you to bring innovative solutions to market faster. In this course, Gabriel Corbett teaches you how to create production-ready parts and assemblies as well as detailed drawings and detailed BOMs in SOLIDWORKS 2024.

What you will learn in SOLIDWORKS 2024 Essential Training

  • Creating two-dimensional designs and then turning them into three-dimensional objects using extrude, rotate, lift and sweep tools
  • Creating standard cuts and holes
  • Explore more advanced modeling techniques using SOLIDWORKS blocks, mirroring, and pattern tools
  • Assembling parts and creating detailed drawings
  • Best practices for designing in SOLIDWORKS

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Product engineers and designers
  • Makers and manufacturers
  • Engineering students
  • Anyone interested in learning how to use SOLIDWORKS to design parts and assemblies

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SOLIDWORKS 2024 Essential Training

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