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Maptek is one of the companies active in the field of geological technologies, this company specializes in the field of mining industry and has taken effective steps in the field of 3D modeling, spatial analysis and design technology of this industry. Maptek Vulcan is one of the useful products of this company in the mining industry, which has provided good 3D tools for visualizing the process of modeling and mining planning. This software will have many applications for mining engineers, surveyors and geologists.

Maptek Vulcan includes many tools for three-dimensional geological modeling and mapping, mine design, mine mapping, geotechnical analysis, optimization and planning of mining operations and mine rehabilitation. This software is rewritten every 10 years to ensure the support of today’s standards and algorithms and exploratory techniques.

required system

64bit Intel or AMD CPU
i7 series equivalent or higher

Operating System
Microsoft Windows® 10 x64bit

32 GB RAM or more

1 TB SSD or 7200 rpm HDD for local data storage
10 GB total disk space for installation
4 GB free disk space for swap files

Graphics Card
OpenGL 4.3 or later compliant dedicated video card
4 GB Video RAM or more
GeForce RTX or equivalent

1920 x 1080 resolution or higher
Dual monitors recommended.
All displays should be set to the same scale (Windows display setting) for best experience and may require different resolution on some monitor screens to ensure consistency of scaling.

3 button scroll-wheel mouse


Installation guide

It is mentioned in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

download link

price in rials | Price in Euro

price in rials | Price in Euro

! Activating these versions requires changing the MAC address that the corresponding tool is in the package.

Any questions or problems only through the department Contact us bring up

Download Maptek VULCAN 9.0.2 Build 1118 x64

Download Maptek VULCAN 8.0.2 Build 3374 SP2 x86

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