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Master Computer Vision OpenCV4 in Python


Master Computer Vision OpenCV4 in Python is the name of the visual training collection in the field of development and learning of programming languages ​​and in the OpenCV training section. What you learn in this training course includes mastering a set of image processing and machine learning programming libraries. In this course, you will master OpenCV with the help of Deep Learning and Python programming language. It should also be noted that the latest version of OpenCV libraries, version number 4, was used in this course.

The training set in front of you will fully prepare you to work on real projects. You will progress 21 projects while watching this course. For example, while watching the sessions of this course, you will learn how to draw a live drawing using a webcam, shape detection, find Waldo, single object tracking using OpenCV, face recognition and dozens of other techniques and skills. Today, with the advancement of technology, the demands of computer vision learning have increased greatly.

What you will learn in Master Computer Vision OpenCV4 in Python course:

  • Basic knowledge of OpenCV version 4 in Python
  • Learn how to use deep learning using Keras & TensorFlow
  • Learning the skill and technique of object detection, tracking and motion analysis
  • Advanced face detection and tracking technique learning using DLIB
  • Learn how to use Computer Vision to implement interesting ideas
  • Familiarity and understanding of neural networks and neural stimulation
  • And…

Specifications of Master Computer Vision OpenCV4 in Python course

  • English language
  • Duration: 10:44:57
  • Number of courses: 116
  • teacher : Rajeev Ratan
  • File format: mp4

Course headings

Course content
116 lectures 10:44:57

Course Introduction and Setup
9 lectures 30:53

Basics of Computer Vision and OpenCV
8 lectures 43:05

Image Manipulations & Processing
15 lectures 01:01:18

Image Segmentation & Contours
9 lectures 57:17

Object Detection in OpenCV
7 lectures 50:50

Object Detection – Build a Face, People and Car/Vehicle Detectors
3 lectures 22:38

Augmented Reality (AR) – Facial Landmark Identification (Face Swaps)
4 lectures 35:14

Simple Machine Learning using OpenCV
3 lectures 41:01

Object Tracking & Motion Analysis
6 lectures 34:26

Computational Photography & Make a License Plate Reader
2 lectures 06:59

2 lectures 09:56

BONUS – Deep Learning Computer Vision 1 – Setup a Deep Learning Virtual Machine
3 lectures 19:06

BONUS – Deep Learning Computer Vision 2 – Introduction to Neural Networks
12 lectures 01:34:02

BONUS – Deep Learning Computer Vision 3 – Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
9 lectures 42:01

BONUS – Deep Learning Computer Vision 4 – Build CNNs in Python using Keras
12 lectures 52:13

BONUS – Deep Learning Computer Vision 5 – Build a Cats vs Dogs Classifier
5 lectures 25:42

BONUS – Build a Credit Card Number Reader
4 lectures 13:58

BONUS – Neural Style Transfer with OpenCV
1 lecture 02:14

BONUS – Object Detection – Use SSDs (Single Shot Detector) for Detecting Objects
1 lecture 03:34

BONUS – Colorize Black and White Images
1 lecture 02:10

Prerequisite for Master Computer Vision OpenCV4 in Python course

  • Little to no programming knowledge is needed, but basic programming knowledge will help
  • Windows 10 or Ubuntu or a MacOS system
  • A webcam to implement some of the mini projects


Sample video

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Version 2020/3 compared to 2019/8 has not changed in the number of lessons and total time and has not been updated.

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